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We are a couple from Germany and have just returned home from travelling for a couple of months in Asia (hence the name of this web site). Because we think it is an good idea to share our experiences with other backpackers we set up this web page to provide some travel advice for the countries we have visited. Unfortunately until now we had not much time to do so, but we are working on it :-)

Here a map with our travel route:


red = originaly planed route
blue = route we travelled
orange dot = our current location on this planet

Note: First we travelled overland to India. Then we took an flight from Bombay to Bangkok, because crossing Burma overland is not possible. From Thailand we went back to Germany by train and busses via Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Finland, the Baltics and Poland.

Any questions about a country we have visited? Feel free to e-mail us: SusiAndMario@away4fun.de

If you are looking for travel photos, visit Traumtrips.de our home page in German, there you can find a lot of pictures from many countries.